Spiritual Freedom in the Brahma Sutras

Spiritual Freedom in the Brahma Sūtras by Carol Pitts examines major theories about spiritual freedom and their implications as presented in the Brahma Sūtras, a major philosophical work in Indian tradition. The sūtras are examined with regard to the views of major commentators and their connection with other Indian philosophical texts. This is a facsimile edition of a Master of Arts dissertation submitted in 1976.

Contents include 1) an introduction to the Brahma Sūtras, 2) a review of English translations, 3) a review of basic concepts in Indian philosophy, with emphasis on the importance of Brahman, Liberation, and Māyā in the Upanishads, 4) comparison of how different commentators have understood the Brahma Sūtras, 5) modern interpretations of the Brahma Sūtras, including Dr. Ramamurti Mishra (Brahmananda Sarasvati).

Carol Pitts is a graduate of Stanford University, and has a Master of Arts degree from the Institute of Asian Studies, studying Sanskrit and Indian philosophy, including the Brahma Sūtras. She has been teaching classes on the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gītā, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, and meditation since the 1980s. She served for over a decade as a mediator for the Alameda County Superior Court, Pleasanton, California, and currently participates in the Restorative Justice diversion program within her community.

Keywords: Spiritual Freedom in the Brahma Sutras, Carol Pitts, Brahmasutra, Brahmasutras, Sanskrit

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