Task 3: Make your pitch

It’s time to test if you are clear on your goals. Are they clear enough so they make sense to somebody else?

To complete this task…

After you have developed your brief summary of site goals, schedule a Google+ Hangout with at least two other members of your learning team and deliver your “pitch” to them. This will test if you have completed getting set up for collaborative learning.

To deliver your pitch, put a smile in your voice and give your canned elevator speech:

  1. In one sentence, describe the results that you hope to get out of your site.
  2. In one sentence, describe your audience. Who are you trying to reach?
  3. In one sentence, what is the most important benefit that your visitors get from your site?

Ask your team members to give you honest feedback about your planned site. Can they think of any ways your plan can be improved?

After you make your pitch to them, offer to listen to the pitch they have for their site. Did they cover the three key topics for the pitch that were identified in Task 2?

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