Task 9: Update WordPress

After you have installed WordPress you should monitor the Dashboard for any pending updates. Updates occur often, and should be applied promptly to ensure you have the most current WordPress features. Failure to apply updates can compromise your site’s stability and security.

If you selected a typical hosting plan you must do the updates yourself. Some hosting vendors offer a one-click installation for WordPress that installs a version that may be out of date. That’s why you should immediately check for updates after your initial installation. Updates are easy to apply. Ask another member of your learning team to show you the procedure. While it is possible to apply multiple updates at once, if you have several updates pending it is best to do just one at a time and verify that everything works after each update. If something goes wrong, you will be able to fix it more easily if you can tell exactly which update caused the problem.

If you selected a managed hosting plan for your site, some or all of the WordPress updates will be done for you by the hosting company as part of your service contract.

You will also need to apply regular updates for plug-ins, which you will learn about in a later learning task.

To complete this task…

You will know you have completed all updates when the update indicator at the top of the Dashboard shows no pending updates.

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