Task 10: Check basic site settings

Check all of the settings under: Dashboard > Settings > General. In most cases, the default settings will be fine, but check them anyway.

Set the Site Title and Tagline fields to customize your site. Keep these short and sweet! Long text will not work well. These two fields will show up as the main branding for the site in text areas. For example, your Site Title might be the name of the group or project that has the website. Your Tagline should sum up your key idea for the site in just a few words. A clever Tagline can set the tone for the user experience you hope to create on the site.

Don’t worry about logos and other graphics right now. You will be working with graphics in a later learning Task.

The Settings page includes a field called “Membership” that controls who can open an account on your site. Unless you really understand how this works, do not check the box for “Anyone can register”. Unless running a community site is part of your goals, it is wiser to limit the creation of user accounts, particularly when you are first learning WordPress.

To complete this task…

You will know you have applied the Site Title and Tagline correctly when you view your working site. How they will look will depend on the theme you are using. We will begin working with Themes in later learning tasks.

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