Task 17: Theme features: Categories and Tags

In this task you will experiment with assigning Categories and Tags to Posts. Your Theme can use them to change the way the site looks for specific visitors.

Assigning Categories and Tags to your Posts makes it easier for your users to find content that is of interest to them. If a user wants to see all Posts about a specific thing, they can produce a topic listings of any Categories or Tags you use.

Categories and Tags differ in important ways:

  1. Categories are best for broad divisions of content, while Tags can be used to describe more details.
  2. Categories are most effective when you have relatively few of them, while Tags can be unlimited in describing detail.
  3. Categories can be arranged in hierarchies, unlike Tags, while have no relationships.

You can read more about the differences between Categories and Tags on the WordPress support pages.

Categories and Tags are optinal features for Posts, so you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.

To complete this task…

Use the editing features to add appropriate Categories and Tags to all of your Posts. You can only test these features if you have added them!

Almost all Themes provide special layout options to display all posts that match a specific Category or Tag. Your default Theme layout probably displays a list of available Categories and Tags somewhere. See if you can find it, and test the features out. You will learn more about how to use Categories and Tags to structure the layout when you work on Widgets in an upcoming Task.

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