Task 20: Insert videos into Posts and Pages

There is more than one way to add video content to your blog. In this task you will focus on adding content from YouTube because that is a very popular video source, and the methods are similar for other video sharing sites.

Watch the following video on how to embed videos. The current default method for YouTube uses a simple HTML code called an IFRAME, which you simply paste into your Post or Page.

Pay close attention to the width of the video embed. Wide embeds may cause problems on some screen sizes. You can select the width of the embed when you ask YouTube to make the IFRAME code for you. The sample used in this post has a width of 300 pixels, for example. When a user plays the video they can make it full screen if they want to see it enlarged.

To complete this task…

Search YouTube.com for a video you would like to embed on your web site, then make a new Post or Page and paste in the IFRAME embed code.

Note that when adding HTML code to your Posts and Pages you must use the “Text” mode of your WordPress editor. Do not use the “Visual” mode when editing HTML.

Because an IFRAME is a very powerful HTML command, you must have Administrator rights on WordPress to insert it. If you have a lower security role, WordPress will automatically remove IFRAME code as a safety measure.

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